“Sourcing materials for our dream house was the most difficult part, but choosing Kenneth&Mock™ is the best decision I have ever made.”

Rolando Espiritu
Quezon City

“Even before construction started, I never really considered using any alternative window company other than Kenneth&Mock™. With the superior quality of the product, the attention to detail, combined with their exceptional service, I knew I made the right choice.”

James Chan
Quezon City

“Choosing Kenneth&Mock™ amongst all PVC-U brands is the best decision we’ve ever made. It perfectly complied with our specifications without compromising the design, safety and elegance of our home. I’m truly satisfied with their prompt service and I can say that it’s worth the cost.”

Jay Macavinta
Alabang, Muntinlupa

“Kenneth&Mock™ has first-class quality products and excellent workmanship. It gave my house an elegant and stylish facade; its beauty is unmatchable elsewhere. Every need has been anticipated, every detail seamlessly orchestrated. I highly recommend Kenneth&Mock™, for their professional, efficient and outstanding service.”

Elton See Tan
Makati City

“When you build a luxury island hotel, you will only consider using the best materials in constructing it. We want the best quality and comfort for our guests, and Kenneth&Mock™ windows and doors are undoubtedly the country’s leading high-quality products, as evidenced by its utmost precision and craftsmanship.

We are happy we dealt and worked with the Philippines’ Leader in European products and technology in the window and door industry, and their professional team.”

Eddie U. Po
Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel

“Using Kenneth&Mock™ doors and windows in the renovation of our 25-year old home is the best investment we ever made. No other product combines beauty, functionality and security so seamlessly the way they have.”

Polie and Bubut De los Santos
Alabang, Muntinlupa

“Kenneth&Mock™, with their high quality Kömmerling products, has done an excellent job in my house which was built several years ago. The quality and durability of their frames, glass and screens are superb and they look brand new, even after years of use and abuse.

With their modern designs and looks, they perfectly fit my style of house. Moreover, Kenneth&Mock™’s after sales service is impeccable, although it was hardly ever needed.”

Tom Stockinger
Chairman, Swiss Finance & Investment Corp.

“Twelve years ago, when Arch. Delfin Viola III recommended Kenneth&Mock™ windows, it didn’t take long for me to decide. I am grateful today that I made the right decision. Whenever my friends admire my house, they never fail to mention the windows. Kenneth&Mock™ windows provide useful functionality in the most aesthetic sense.”

Johnlu Koa
Founder & CE0, French Baker Inc.

“Walls remain walls. It’s our windows and doors that make the difference! Dust, sound, waterproof with perfect fitting screens!”

Robert Van Den Enden
Guiguinto, Bulacan

“Kenneth&Mock™ exemplifies elegance, practical function, and robust yet stylish quality. It’s value for money. You install it then it pays for itself, in that you need not have to maintain it thereafter.”

Gerard Morales
Makati City

“We wanted durable and functional big windows and sliding doors that would complement our tropical modern look. Kenneth&Mock™’s excellent features and wide range of selection helped us achieve the look we were aiming for. Kenneth&Mock™ – worth every centavo!”

Winky and Ann Imperial
Alabang, Muntinlupa

“Kenneth&Mock™’s high quality German doors and windows coupled with durable hardware addressed my greatest concern – comfort and security. Its tried and tested quality is the reason why I availed of its products and service AGAIN for my second home. When it comes to doors and windows, Kenneth&Mock™ is the only brand I trust.”

Regine Velasquez
Quezon City

“We saw the need the use Kenneth&Mock™ to make our house just how we pictured it to be, with hidden screens which seem invisible, but just roll out once you open the doors. No need for extra screen doors!”

Erik Martel
Makati City

“When we decided to build our new home, we didn’t hesitate in choosing Kenneth&Mock™ because we knew from friends that their windows are durable and long-lasting. I like their attention to details and willingness to adapt to the changes imposed by our architect.”

Rosa Peña
Quezon City

“Windows are the eyes and soul of a home and gives a sense of warmth inside.” – For our house, we wanted windows that are not only pleasing to see, but also durable, energy efficient, and soundproof. It must be from a reputable company and more importantly, reasonably priced. Sales, Marketing and Installation were very professional. Installation was on time, and complaints were promptly addressed.

This is a company we can recommend.”

Raul and Tess Agustin
Quezon City

“We’ve heard many positive feedback about Kenneth&Mock™ especially in terms of after-sales service and now we can attest that everything is true since we’ve experienced it first hand. With Kenneth&Mock™, you get good quality products and superb service from their world-class team.”

Shirley Go
Bel Air, Makati

“Everytime I open and close my windows and screens – I am reminded that every cent I spent on it is worth it. Excellent post sales services! It is definitely worth serving up for Kenneth&Mock™ windows.”

Francis Campos
Bacolod City

“I wish to thank Kenneth&Mock™ for making good on their promise of delivering quality products and doing so with excellent service and support.

It is delightful to do business with them.”

Eleanor D. Warren
Green Meadows, Quezon City

“We are proud to say that we have no regrets in our decision to use Kenneth&Mock™ windows and doors in our rest house here in Batangas. From the initial proposal, contract signing and implementation, we had experienced nothing short of professionalism from everyone- the sales representative, supervisor and installers.

We believe that all these were made possible because of the excellent stewardship of Mr. Lao, who knows what the word service really means. Furthermore, Kenneth&Mock™ has certainly been true to its word with their claim for professional and efficient after sales service.

Without hesitation, we highly recommend Kenneth&Mock™ world-class windows and doors.”

Bobbit and Penny Panlilio
Punta Fuego, Batangas

“Getting Kenneth&Mock windows is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my house. I am very happy with the quality and the ever reliable after sales service, which is why I never fail to recommend them to my friends in our community.”

Dave Sahjwani
Makati City

“Kenneth&Mock™ windows are the best suited windows for our tropical climate here in the Philippines, Because of their superior quality, the cost of maintenance is inexpensive. The after sales service is just first class. Their windows are simply the best and the most durable in the market.”

Atty. Rene Bañez
Tax and Governance Lawyer

“Windows are one of the most important part of a house, so when I decided to choose what kind of window system should I consider, my primary concern is it should be durable, nice designs, low maintenance since they are exposed to the sun and finally the most important is the service, not only before the sales but after the sales. I was able to witness all these factors after I bought my window system from Kenneth&Mock™.”

Florence Ko
Managing Director, Furnitalia

“I am most satisfied with Kenneth&Mock™ products and even more satisfied and impressed with their excellent and professional after service track record. On a more humane note, they donated windows for the Reading Center my husband and I built for the Balaytigue Elementary School. A truly generous and professional company!”

Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Belmonte
President and CEO, Philippine Star

“Kenneth&Mock™ installations were well conducted leaving no room for us to complain. Their post installation clean-up was as prompt and tidy. No other brand of PVC doors and windows can claim to be better than Kenneth&Mock™’s impressive products and after sales service.”

Eduardo & Aning Go
Pasig City

“We’re thankful for the very professional way business is conducted. Their service before, during, and after was exceptional. The windows, as advertised, were beautifully designed and extremely functional. We strongly recommend Kenneth&Mock™ to everyone!”

Luis Senn
Makati City

“Kenneth&Mock™ has good quality products and excellent after sales service, leaving you with the feeling that your money has been well invested.”

Vincent Choi
Quezon City

“Our house was constructed more than ten years ago. I believe our windows were one of the first few projects of Kenneth&Mock™ using PVC material. Initially, we were reluctant to try this new material for fear of future problems.

I am now proud to say that we have made the right decision in choosing Kenneth&Mock™ PVC windows because it is durable, rigid, doesn’t warp and very easy to maintain. It can withstand strong wind without any vibration. It is air tight when closed. Their service is fast & efficient. No wonder Kenneth&Mock™ has grown to what it is today.

Keep up the good work!”

Lucy Ang
San Juan, Metro Manila

“I first saw this type of window system in Germany during one of my conventions. I said to myself that when I built my house, I wish to have this. A year later, I started building my home, and like any new homeowner, I went to the Worldbex Exhibit. There I got to meet Kenneth Lao & he introduced me to Kenneth&Mock™ windows. I told him, this is what I’ve been looking for!

From the planning, revisions and installation up to the QC post installation services, everything was done meticulously and professionally. After 8 years, our Kenneth&Mock™ windows & doors have remained pristine white, with all the seals still intact, the hinges still aligned, the doors and windows still soundproof and above all rainproof and dustproof.” I can’t ask anything more from window systems like Kenneth&Mock™.

Our next home will definitely have Kenneth&Mock™ windows again.”

Dr. Rory King Go
Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City

“In a world seemingly full of mediocre standards, its very refreshing to find an organization dedicated to offering great quality workmanship and treating customers like valued friends. With Kenneth&Mock™’s revolutionary German U-PVC windows installed in our new house, I can confidently predict that our new home will look just as good as today, even 10 years from now.”

Reginald Yu
Quezon City

“I am satisfied with the products they provided in terms of quality and workmanship. But most of all, what matters is the quality services they provided throughout the project.”

Marissa Ong
New Manila, Quezon City

“I totally have no regrets using Kenneth&Mock™. The product and the after sales service are both excellent. From the moment you call, the company will automatically attend to your need & work on it.”

Daniel Gonzales
Quezon City

“For anyone building a dream house, Kenneth&Mock™ is truly heaven-sent. Their superior products, professionalism, expertise and genuine customer service are exceptional. They also continue to be our partner in maintaining the beauty and efficiency of our home through their reliable  after sales service. Thank you Kenneth&Mock™ for making our dream come true!”

Jayjay Cruz
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

“I use Kenneth&Mock™ designs for our house in the beach and I have to say, aside from quality, they have superior service.”

Joey Concepcion
Punta Fuego, Batangas

“After building my own house, it is now my turn to enjoy the benefits of using Kenneth&Mock™’s products. Their large & high ceiling windows gives my home a bright feeling and an unobstructive view from the inside. The frame designs are not only soundproof but are built to withstand any typhoon. Goodbye to sleepless nights and to noisy windows forever.”

Arch. Murphy Tansipek
Quezon City

“Using Kenneth&Mock™ is one of the best decisions we’ve made in building the house. Everytime we look at our windows, there’s a feeling of relief that the product we got will last a lifetime.”

Robert Ng
Quezon City

“Kenneth&Mock™’s extensive product range gave me the option of installing the oversized windows I wanted for my design. The sturdy construction, as well as the outstanding installation of the windows, gave me the peace of mind every homeowner should have against typhoons.”

Rowena Lim
Quezon City

“In designing and building our first house in the Philippines, my husband insisted on PVC windows from Germany through Kenneth&Mock™, NO OTHER!

Two days after installation, came the mighty typhoon “Milenyo”, we suffered zero damage. Service is indeed excellent, their people come on promised time and are always precise.

We are very proud of this lifetime investment. It is highly recommended.”

Estrelita Pabst
Sta. Rosa, Laguna

“Not only did Kenneth&Mock™ meet our concern about security and design, but what stood out most was the quality of their windows and their superb service. Kenneth&Mock is one company that always, and we swear by saying always, delivered on time, and never failed us. When typhoon “Milenyo” hit us hard, we didn’t get a single leak. That was a true test for us.”

Vincent and Bambi Mañosa-Tanjutco
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

“Our beach house in Batangas sits on top of a hill where its exposed to the elements-strong winds, rain, searing heat. I can casually watch the day’s scenery unfold before me, whether it be a colorful sunset or the darkening of a stormy sky, because of Kenneth&Mock™. The fact that I need not worry about air or water coming through window gaps is something I don’t take for granted.

I’m glad I have Kenneth&Mock™ windows!”

Vicky Lee
Kawayan Cove Nasugbu, Batangas

“Kenneth&Mock™ windows and doors have very efficient thermal insulation capacity perfect for our type of climate. Acoustic insulation is very efficient.

We’re glad we are using Kenneth&Mock™. They truly meet the standards we have set for our private residences.”

Mary Anne Aboitiz-Arculli
Developer, Maria Luisa Estate Park, Cebu

“After four years of using Kenneth&Mock™ windows, I am really happy & fully satisfied with the product. Aside from the fact that it reduces the noise outside, it is also easy to maintain and there’s no problem with rusting, I am glad my husband and I choose Kenneth&Mock™.

It will definitely last a lifetime!”

Cynthia G. Arceo
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

“Trees were being uprooted and signboards were flying when typhoon Unding hit us here in Bicol. The strong, gusty winds, it was signal no. 3, were rattling everything and I was afraid our windows might shatter. But true to the promise of the Kenneth&Mock™ people, their windows took everything Unding dished out and did not even crack. And as they promised as well, their windows kept all the water out of our building. Everything was dry inside, a first for us after a strong storm. When Kenneth&Mock™ says their windows are made of the highest quality materials, it’s more than an empty boast, it’s a guarantee.”

Rose Lee

“Because our property is along the periphery of EDSA, our house needed a better than average window system to protect the interiors from noise, dirt, pollution, etc. I decided on Kenneth&Mock™ …it was cost effective.

We were also able to add some security features by incorporating a security film on the window glass that prevents burglars from breaking in.”

Robert Lagos
Makati City

“Initially, we were hesitant in making such a huge investment. However, after a few months and several typhoons later, our family was glad we made the right choice in having Kenneth&Mock™ as part of our new home.”

Ellison Dean Lee
Quezon City

“I’m satisfied especially with the service given by Kenneth&Mock™. I decided to have their sliding door on my house here in Mindoro, because the quality of German products are very good. The tilt & slide door, I recommend for its sound proofing. When there is heavy rain and typhoon, you cannot hear anything from the outside.”

Knut Max Klewin
Puerto Galera, Mindoro