Kenneth&Mock™ provides an exceptional system that defines convenience with PremiLine. The structure of PremiLine offers many benefits – from extremely smooth running sliding doors to extra durability. Special heavy duty wheels ensure that the doors run smoothly when closing and opening.

Also, PremiLine comes with a thicker profile for doors and windows presenting an immense array of possibilities while enforcing stability and easily achieving large panels with a problem. The all-new curved corner design gives each door a sleek modern look.

PremiLine not only provides countless of other properties with long service life and reliable operation but also makes the most comfortable sliding door system easily within reach.


  • Sliding windows and doors can be combined over large glazed areas
  • Compatible with all 70 mm standard systems
  • Easy integration of available coupling and extension profiles, sill extenders, and other ancillary parts
  • Outer frame can be welded or connected mechanically; the result is easier individual installation of windows and doors, also for site installations
  • Injection moulded spacer for fixed sashes
  • Rails of high-quality aluminum
  • Sliding frame rebate cover
  • Sloped rebate for in-frame draining
  • Easy and smooth-running
  • Distinctive design based on triple chambered sash profiles
  • Consistent five chamber technology
  • The standard door with interlock profile presents greater stability than today’s doors
  • Additional module for enhanced static properties