Kenneth&Mock™ offers a variety of glass options for different applications. You will truly find what you need amongst these choices.


Standard / Annealed Glass


Kenneth&Mock™ Annealed glass significantly increases the overall strength of the glass. We accommodate glass specifications from 6mm to 25mm in thickness. This thickness is thick enough to hold bulletproof glass.

Aesthetic / Tinted Glass


Tinted Glass
Reduces heat and UV rays and slows down fading in furniture and carpets


Stained Glass
Kenneth&Mock™ creates any designs of stained glass and can customize according to your specifications.

Thermal Insulation Glass

Going beyond ordinary glass, the Kenneth&Mock™ insulating glass shows superior insulating capability which is a key element in the construction of functional windows.

Kenneth&Mock™ glass brings dramatic ease and improvement compared to ordinary ones.

  • Reduced heat-loss to save energy and maintain a comfortable environment at lower thermostat settings.
  • Ideal for cold climate

Sound Reduction (Laminated) Glass


Kenneth&Mock™ Laminated Glass substantially decreases external noise

Take a break from the outside noises and experience peace and quiet with Kenneth&Mock’s sound reduction system. Humans can sense sound with an intensity of 60dB as unpleasant and 80dB as disturbing. The sound insulating glass can retard sound transmission to 45dB.

Laminated with Poly Vinyl Butyl (PVB) Interlayer, these windows substantially decrease external noise for utmost serenity at home.


Heat Strengthened

2x stronger than annealed glass.


Tempered Glass

4x stronger than standard annealed glass.
Glass shatters into tiny pieces when broken, thus lessening chances of major cut injuries.