Architect Llyan Oliver Austria has swept the internet by storm when he released reaction videos on houses of popular personalities. His views soared when he reacted to the house of the late Lloyd Cafe Cadena.

Family businesses
The first thing that Architect Llyan noticed is that Engineer Slater used I-beams instead of reinforced concrete for their beams. This, according to Slater is because it is his dad’s business and he wanted his house to have something from his dad.


Another unique feature that their house had is the use of Lightblock, which is a lighter version of the most common CHB or concrete hollow blocks. This is, in turn, the business of Slater. He said they used an older version than the ones available now, but it still is the same lighter, cooler, and safer concrete.

The Skypod
The house is basically a glass house with an open plan style inside. It also incorporates extended walls that go through the glass walls from the inside to the outside. Slater says it’s because he wanted to have the illusion of a bigger space.


The whole house took only 10 months to build. This is very fast compared to the normal 2-3 years of construction time of some houses.

Slater also added that they live in the #bundoks of the province with slopey lots, the design of their house makes sense when you think about that.


Unique features
Now, let’s talk about the unique features that Architect Llyan noticed on Engineer Slater’s house or what Slater readily explained.

They used Board Formed Concrete which is a very unique feature here in the Philippines. The usual method of this is that a kind of wood called Douglas Fir is imported here so it can be used as a mold for the concrete. This wood is used because of its prominent wood grains. Slater shared that they only used boards that already have grains, and then they placed releasing compounds so they can use it as a mold.

Shadow gaps are also used for the walls, ceilings, and floors. Instead of using cornices, they opted for shadow gaps which are more minimalist and modern. As Slater said, it’s all in the details.

A very luxurious and quite one of a kind feature is the integrated screen on the glass wall panels. Usually, glass walls are fixed, and glass doors will leave you open to the outside. Slater’s house is made by Kenneth & Mock, a high-end window supplier. As the glass panel is pulled to one side, a screen that is integrated into the middle replaces it.

Another cool feature of the house is the black under-mount sink in the kitchen. Mrs. Young shared that some of her friends are asking when they can visit just so they can use her kitchen sink.

Their garden fence is also a unique one. When you first look at it from afar, you might think that it is made up of wood because it is somewhat orange-brown. But when you look closer, it is made of steel. It is called Corten steel (CORrossion resistant with great TENsil strength), which is most commonly called weathering steel. Simply because you subject it to all types of weather, and when it starts to rust, it is actually protecting itself. Not to mention the beauty it brings because of the sophisticated rust color.

Fun facts
As a fun fact, Slater shared that after he finished studying engineering, he originally wanted to be an architect. However, he found it unfair that he had to study 5 more years if he wants to be an architect even if he is an engineer already. Whereas when an architect wants to be an engineer, he only needs to study two more years.

Another fun trivia that both smart guys shared is that it was his mom who told him about Architect Llyan’s video about their house. Similarly, it was Llyan’s mom who told him who Slater was and who educated him about the “Young Engineer”.

10 Tips from thatguyslater

  1. Concrete used when you want to achieve “Board Formed Concrete” should be high slump or flowing, this will prevent it from having honeycombs. It also should be poured at a lower level so the components of concrete won’t separate.
  2. Lightblock is another option in place of CHB or concrete hollow blocks because they are cooler, lighter than about 50%, safer, and faster to work with.
  3. Extending an interior wall beyond the glass wall towards the exterior is a way to give an illusion or a bigger space. You’ll have the feeling of being outside while still inside, and vice versa.
  4. If you want a class and luxurious look for your house, make sure the corners are sharp and sleek. There are corners beads PVC that you can use, or you can hire a very skilled mason.
  5. For power outlets that can be reached by kids, opt for those with a safety shutter feature. This will ensure your kids are safe even if they poke things inside the socket.
  6. Jalousie gives more airflow than sliding windows that only gives 50% airflow when opened because the two panels will be on one side.
  7. He shared that they almost had a mishap when the pool was first plotted inside the house because the general contractor and the pool contractor did not coordinate. Good thing he was able to spot it early. He advised having proper coordination to prevent damages that cost more.
  8. Almost 90% of long-term problems in houses are caused by water. So it is better to think in advance and do the necessary precautions.
  9. Quartz is the most sturdy compared to granite that comes next and marble that comes third.
  10. It is better to ask and be ignorant once than not to ask and be ignorant forever.


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