Kenneth&Mock™ windows are the country’s pioneer in lead-free windows and doors. All PVC extruders use lead as one of its components for stabilizers. However, lead is poisonous, detrimental to one’s health. Lead is not environmentally safe. Furthermore, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Australia have already disallowed leaded PVC windows in anticipation of a European law forbidding such by 2013.

Therefore, since 2000, Kömmerling is the first in the industry to offer 100% non-lead containing profiles and is the only supplier on an international scale to use the more expensive, but environmentally friendly calcium zinc based profiles.

It may seem like a current trend or movement that will eventually die down but for Kenneth&Mock™, going green is serious business. Safety, security and quality have long been the company’s basis when it comes to creating world class windows. As the country’s pioneer in U-PVC fabrication, it has been leading in the industry in the campaign for a greener and healthier environment.

Meeting and beating the standards when it comes to green architecture, Kenneth&Mock™ assures sustainable, economical and environment-friendly solutions for everyone. Windows and doors are designed to perform longer and were manufactured with all-synthetic and recyclable materials providing systems without cutting trees while effectively helping the elimination of wastes and pollution.

Kenneth&Mock™ windows and doors undergo processes and use materials that take only 10% of energy compared to traditional resources and procedures. Innovatively demonstrating cost-efficiency, the products were made to adapt to our tropical climate, lowering costs for building insulation and air conditioning.

With the growing demand for eco-friendly answers to just about every industrial problem, Kenneth&Mock™ continues to develop and raise the level of production value that the Philippines currently has. Setting the bar in this area of endeavor and respecting Mother Nature while doing so, the company is always at the forefront of creating, protecting and maintaining a fresher and livable earth.